SEAT Global 360º Ideation

Type: 360º  Guerilla Marketing

Client: SEAT / KNSK

Studio: KNSK Brussels

Role: Design Director Animator

SEAT was working with KNSK Brussels as a partner for international retail performance solutions, the opporutnity to provide some unique concepts to support out-of-the-box thinking announcing SEAT and building a unique coordinated cross-campaign between Europe and the United States. Due to the size of the vehicles and the demographics identified a large female audience.

  • A concept to highlight the vehicle colors with custom LAB nail polish that matched specific vehicles and their distinct colors was introduced.
  • Working within the City of Detroit, and corrdinated with the Detroit People Mover, extending vehicle "shells" being pulled by the shuttle offered an opportunity to expose North American International Autoshow attendees (as well as other passer-bys) a visually engaging and unique brand engagement.
  • Subsequent branding included mobile app QR download leading attendees to the SEAT booth, interactive bus stop Kiosks promoting the small-footprint and lower cost of SEAT vehicles and how they are designed as a city touring coupe.

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