Chevrolet Volt Award

Type: Momento Award

Client: GM - Chevrolet / PCG

Role: Creative Director + Designer

Awards: GDUSA

In honor and recognition of the individuals that made the Chevrolet VOLT vehicle a reality. The request was made to develop something memorable and meaningful that would be presented to those involved. After ideation and concepting the winning idea was to encase the key componet of the vehicle — the VOLT battery into a custom plexiglass momento award. This single, relatively small component was a key element of the successful delivery to market for the vehicle. A real game changer.


It took some work, but a limited edition Chevrolet Volt Memento Award was created that consisted of an actual Volt battery encased in curved plexiglass. Each memento award was personalized with the name and title of the individual recipient that contributed to the creation of the Chevrolet Volt — from Industrial Designer, to Electric Engine Engineer — every key player was awarded this highly unique gift.