Chrysler Hybrid Technology eLearning

Type: eLearning SCORM Course

Client: Chrysler Group LLC


Role: Design Director + Interactive

Chrysler Group LLC produced an industry first hybrid engine design. This Chrysler Academy SCORM compliant eLearning course was designed and developed to ensure that all corporate, dealer and customer facing individuals were apprised of these new technical advances. Also, that they could pass a post-course work test to that effect.        

Qualitative, Quantitative, A/B testing and cognitive retention were all part of the usability discovery. As a training and compliancy eLreaning course content simplification, digestion and retention was a paramount indicator to a successful deployment.

The course had a limited seat time of 45-minutes, and required a minimum baseline and user retention and pass/fail success rates.  These standards were a driving factor for contnet development and honing down complex concepts into manageable bite-sized components and user focused iterative testing. Retesting. Refinement. Retesting, until user cognition was a successful metric.

The course highlights highly technical aspects in easy to understand object oriented methodology. An element of gamification was an integral part of the design due to user testing engagement and retention studies. Improvement of additional sensory development increased cognative retention nearly 35%. This exceeded initial test score goals by 26% and improved user certification setting a new standard. In support of the educational results driven decisions, gamification and accentuated learning experiences were key performance indicators that led to improved base score to the mid 90’s. This indicated that the theoretical user findings were accurate and the methods worked setting a new standard and high median average moving forward.