GM Chevrolet VOLT

Type: Event Interactive

Client: GM - Chevrolet / PCG

Studio: HIS + PCG

Role: Creative Director + Designer

GM Communications - Chevrolet Division was planning a Unplugged drive across the country to show how far the Chevrolet Volt could go without stopping for gas. Media were invited to watch at various locations over the course of the Unplugged Drive and were provided press materials via tablet to review specifications while they reported on the event.


The interface launched never before revealed materials to drive engagement with global A-List journalists in efforts to promote the vehicle through various automotive, technical and lifestyle chanels. This interactive development was produced for GM/Chevrolet VOLT on behalf of PCG. And the Unplugged drive event, supported by this interactive platform, gained great noteriety and engagement as well as setting the bar for cross-country distance without the need for petrol.