MIPRO Website Launch

Type: Interactive Website

Client: MIPRO Consulting

Studio: Core 3

Role: Design Director + Designer

Wireframes: MIPRO Wireframes

When it comes to extending a brand into the digital space, continuing to exemplify the core of that brand is key to brand recognition and connections between corporate, traditional and even spoken branding elements. The most successful brands unify all of these media, methods and channels consistently. Effectively, all of these elements lead back to core value statements and unified messaging. Reinforcing a brand through each of these channels is key to establishing and maintaining brand recognition and market supremacy. Icon, color pallet, user, information flow and brand messaging work cohesively to tell the brand story. Part of the exploration of this are design variations providing slight variations to typographical brand supportive styling and extention. All based off low-fidelity mipro website wireframes.

In many cases a new site launch may require something more impactful and eventually transition into another design and branding variation.

The examples shown here for MIPRO speak directly to that. From bright red corporate background color and bold "here we are" designs to more subtile gray, orange and color variations show a variance of site launch options. Ensuring usability testing and key user studies help formulate the correct path to take. For launch. For the site life-cycle. For continued analysis and improvement.