Rocky Produce

Type: Integrated Branding

Client: Rocky Produce - PCG

Rocky Mark: Joe Becker

Role: Design Director / Illustrator

Photographer: Buzalinanni

Rocky Produce, a company comprised of a legacy of Russo generations, needed an identity update. They were doing great business-wise, but their branding did not exemplify the current and historical success. Located in the produce terminals of Detroit, where produce buys and sells are run like the stock market and global trends, demand and availability dictate going rates, Rocky Produce is a major player. Each employee on the 'trading floor' has a speciality (or series of specialities) produce and markets that they are experts on. Because of this, they drive and know the going rates minute-to-minute. Making Rocky Produce a go-to in their market. A true leader.  

Using inspiration from companies like Sunkist and more global brands designer Joseph Becker had started the branding design with Premier Communications Group. Taking over from Joe, the Rocky Produce 'green' was carefully selected to represent the 'color' of the Rocky Produce Market. Individual illustrations were developed representing each sales persons speciality. The entire library of branding elements was united to form one co-heisive look. This enabled individual icons (fruits, vegtables, established icon, etc.) to be used individually or in conjunction with the Rocky Produce Brand mark becoming easily identifible and raising their branding to a more notable level —  both within the produce terminals, regionally as well with partners such as Aunt Mids, among others.

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